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Mangalavaaram featuring Payal Rajput, has generated significant excitement through its promotional material. Director Ajay Bhupathi promises an unprecedented element in Indian cinema. As the film now graces the screens, let’s delve into its reception.

The anticipation surrounding Mangalavaaram has been fueled by the assurance from Director Ajay Bhupathi that the film brings a unique element to Indian cinema, something never explored before. Starring Payal Rajput, the promotional content has successfully piqued the interest of audiences.

As the movie hits the screens, all eyes are on how well it delivers on its promises and whether it lives up to the buzz it has generated. Fans and critics alike are eager to witness the uncharted territory that Ajay Bhupathi has ventured into, adding an extra layer of curiosity to the overall viewing experience.

With Payal Rajput in a leading role and the director’s commitment to breaking new ground, Mangalavaaram holds the potential to leave a lasting impact on the audience. The coming days will reveal the verdict on whether the film successfully introduces a groundbreaking element to Indian cinema or if it falls short of the heightened expectations.

Mangalavaaram Movie Story Line

Mangalavaaram takes place in a peaceful rural backdrop, where a series of deaths send shockwaves through the villagers. The deceased individuals are suspected to be entangled in extramarital affairs, and a peculiar pattern emerges – all the deaths occur on Tuesdays. This unnerving coincidence becomes the focal point of village discussions, giving rise to rumors and apprehension.

In response to the unsettling events, the villagers unite to devise a plan aimed at unraveling the mystery shrouding these deaths. The central intrigue revolves around identifying the killer and understanding the motive behind the grim occurrences. The plot takes the audience on a journey of suspense, as the community, driven by a collective sense of urgency, works to solve the puzzle that has gripped their lives.

As the narrative unfolds, Mangalavaaram explores the complexities of rural life, intertwining elements of mystery and drama. The characters grapple with fear and suspicion, making for a compelling storyline that keeps viewers engaged. With each passing Tuesday, the stakes rise, and the audience is left on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the revelation of the killer’s identity and the motives that drive this chilling sequence of events. Mangalavaaram promises a riveting exploration of secrets hidden within the seemingly tranquil rural landscape, inviting audiences to join in the quest for truth and resolution.

Mangalavaaram Movie Trailer

Mangalavaaram Movie Info

Movie Name Mangalavaaram
Starring: Payal Rajput / Nandita Shwetha / Divya Pillai / Ajmal Ameer / Ravindra Vijay
Director Ajay Bhupathi
Genres Action / Horror / Thriller
Release Date 17 Nov 2023 (India)
Duration 145 min
Description Fear engulfs a village as murders pile up mysteriously. Shailu, a young woman is the heart of the story and the enigmatic tale unravels with a suspenseful cinematic journey.
Rating 8.8/10

Mangalavaaram Movie Release Date

The eagerly awaited Mangalavaram hit theaters on November 17th, 2023, treating audiences to its much-anticipated cinematic experience. As viewers flocked to cinemas on that date, the film brought a wave of excitement and anticipation. The release marked a significant moment for fans who had been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to witness the story unfold on the big screen.

With its release on November 17th, 2023, Mangalavaram aimed to captivate audiences with its unique storyline, promising a blend of mystery, drama, or whatever genre the movie falls into. The choice to unveil the film on this particular date added an extra layer of significance to the cinematic journey, making it a memorable occasion for both the creators and the audience.

Mangalavaram Movie Release Date OTT

Allu Arjun’s Aha Video, the pioneering Telugu streaming platform, has successfully acquired the digital streaming rights for an audacious film delving into the topic of hypersexuality disorder in a woman. This groundbreaking movie is poised to make its digital debut on the OTT platform during the second week of December. The move to secure the rights reflects Aha Video’s commitment to diversifying its content and providing a platform for innovative and thought-provoking narratives.


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Mangalavaram Telugu Movie Review

Director Ajay Bhupathi’s Telugu period thriller, Mangalavaaram Tuesday had the potential to be a captivating mystery delving into faith, relationships, and morality. However, the film only partially fulfills this promise. Also dubbed in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi, the rustic drama heavily relies on the backstory of its central character, Shailaja (Payal Rajput), and a series of twists, some of which are easily anticipated by attentive viewers.

The narrative truly kicks off at the intermission, introducing a twist that hints at a different direction. Prior to that, the film dedicates around an hour to establishing the world of Mahalakshmipuram, an Andhra Pradesh village. A childhood episode in the mid-1980s serves as a prologue, setting the stage for later events. Fast forward to the present, and mysterious deaths occur in the village every Tuesday.

Clues written on a wall hint at illicit relationships, leading to the revelation that those named are the victims. While the film explores intriguing themes, the storytelling relies on predictable twists, with the visual and musical elements compensating for some weaker portions.

Mangalavaram Movie FAQs

Who are the actors in Mangalavaaram?

Mangalavaaram star cast includes Payal Rajput, Priyadarshi Pullikonda, Divya Pillai and Ajay Ghosh.

Who is the director of Mangalavaaram?

Mangalavaaram is directed by Ajay Bhupathi.

What is Genre of Mangalavaaram?

Mangalavaaram belongs to Drama genre.

In Which Languages is Mangalavaaram releasing?

Mangalavaaram is releasing in Telugu and Hindi.


In conclusion, “Mangalavaaram” unfolds as a rural mystery thriller, intertwining elements of faith, relationships, and morality. While the film has the potential to be a riveting exploration of complex characters and their journeys, it falls short in fully realizing this ambition. The narrative, divided by an intermission, unveils a series of twists and turns, some of which are easily foreseeable for astute viewers. The storytelling dedicates a significant portion to establishing the village setting and the backstory of the central character, Shailaja, played by Payal Rajput.

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