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Sukhee Movie Shilpa Shetty’s recent theatrical releases, “Nikamma” and “Hungama 2,” fell short of audience expectations. However, her 2023 film, Sukhee directed by Sonal Joshi, has garnered positive feedback despite a lukewarm box office performance.

Despite its underwhelming theatrical run, the film, which also stars Kusha Kapila, has earned acclaim for Sonal Joshi’s direction. Now, the movie is set for an OTT release after its stint in theaters. “Sukhee” is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on November 17, 2023

Sukhee Movie Story Line

Sukhee unfolds as a poignant coming-of-age tale centered around Sukhee (Shilpa Shetty Kundra), a housewife in a quaint Indian town. Her uncomplicated life revolves around catering to the needs of her husband, Guru (Chaitanya Choudhry), and daughter, Jassi (Maahi Raj Jain), in the serene surroundings of Punjab. Trapped in the monotony of her routine, Sukhee is granted an opportunity to break free when her school organizes a reunion.

Despite her husband’s chauvinistic disapproval, Sukhee is determined to attend the reunion. The gathering becomes a turning point as her friends enlighten her about the one-sided nature of her existence, where she sacrifices for others without receiving due respect, especially from Guru. Empowered by this realization, Sukhee embarks on a journey to rediscover herself and break free from the societal expectations that have bound her.

Sukhee captures Sukhee transformative decision and the subsequent events that shape her newfound path. The film explores themes of self-discovery, empowerment, and the courage to challenge societal norms. As Sukhee navigates her journey towards autonomy, audiences can expect a heartfelt narrative that resonates with the universal pursuit of personal fulfillment and self-worth.

Sukhee: Release Date, Trailer, Songs, Cast

Release Date 22 September 2023
Language Hindi
Dubbed In Hindi
Genre Comedy, Drama
Duration 2h 21min
Cast Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Amit Sadh, Chaitannya Choudhry, Kusha Kapila, Dilnaz Irani, Pavleen Gujral
Director Sonal Joshi
Writer Radhika Anand, Paulomi Dutta, Rupinder Inderjit
Cinematography R. Dee
Music Karan Kulkarni, Sagar Desai, Badshah, Arko Pravo Mukherjee
Producer Paulomi Dutta, Sonal Joshi
Production Abundantia Entertainment, T-Series Films

Sukhee Movie Trailer

Sukhee Movie Releases On OTT

After a two-month stint in theaters, the Shilpa Shetty starrer Sukhee has made its much-anticipated debut on the widely popular streaming platform, Netflix, today. The news of the film’s OTT release was shared by Netflix on its Instagram handle, updating eager fans and followers about the availability of “Sukhee” on the streaming service. The move marks a significant transition for the film, allowing a broader audience to experience the compelling narrative and Shilpa Shetty’s impactful performance at their convenience.

Netflix’s announcement on Instagram reflects the platform’s commitment to keeping its audience informed about the latest additions to its diverse content library. With “Sukhee” now available for streaming, viewers can immerse themselves in the heartwarming and transformative journey of Sukhee, exploring themes of self-discovery and empowerment from the comfort of their homes. The film’s release on Netflix is expected to further amplify its reach and resonate with a global audience eager for meaningful and engaging storytelling.

Sukhee Movie
Sukhee Movie

Sukhee Movie Review

Sukhee resonates with the audience as it delves into the inner world of Sukhee, a middle-class housewife, who reflects on her past in Delhi as a carefree teenager. In those days, she was cherished for being herself, rather than merely fulfilling societal roles as a mother and wife.

Director Sonal Joshi deserves recognition for crafting a narrative that explores female friendship and desire without solely focusing on explicit content. The film addresses the struggles of many middle-class housewives who, in the pursuit of love, put aside their dreams. The story prompts reflection on the societal expectation for women to find contentment in self-sacrifice, often sacrificing personal aspirations.

Sukhee decision to break free from domestic expectations and revisit her past is met with resistance from her daughter and husband, who hastily label her as selfish. The film challenges the notion that years of selfless service automatically command respect, highlighting the importance of being valued rather than merely needed.

“Sukhee” unfolds as a dramedy, showcasing a woman’s journey to reclaim her self-worth. Heartwarming moments, especially those between Sukhee and her bed-ridden father-in-law, add depth to the narrative. The film addresses Sukhee’s regret about feeling left behind compared to her working women friends, shedding light on society’s perceptions of housewives and the unacknowledged potential within them.

The movie skillfully touches upon the unaccounted work and wasted potential of housewives, tackling these issues with nuance. Drawing slight parallels to “English Vinglish,” “Sukhee” brings humor into the mix, particularly evident in the school reunion scene where the girl gang dolls up only to confront unattractive aging classmates and ghazals playing for the party, considering the target audience. The film’s relatable themes and well-crafted storytelling contribute to its appeal.

Sukhee Movie Box Office Collection

The Shilpa Shetty starrer, which explores themes of friendship and the routine of married life, had a subdued start at the box office, garnering a lukewarm response on its opening day. The film managed to collect a modest Rs 30 Lakh initially but experienced a slight uptick on the second day, accumulating Rs 41 Lakh, likely due to the weekend factor.

Despite this weekend surge, Sukhee faced a decline in numbers on Monday, with a meager collection of Rs 28 Lakh. As per early box office estimates, the movie’s total collection currently stands at Rs 1.49 Crore. The fluctuating figures indicate a challenge in maintaining sustained viewer interest throughout its theatrical run.

Interestingly, Sukhee appears to be facing tough competition from Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan which continues to dominate the box office even into its third week. The Atlee directorial is maintaining a strong performance, overshadowing the collection figures of other films in the market.

Sukhee Movie FAQs

When To Watch Sukhee?

Sukhee on Netflix. The information provided in the previous conversation mentioned a scheduled premiere on Netflix on November 17, 2023. If today’s date is around or after that time, the movie should be available for streaming on Netflix

Where To Watch Sukhee Movie?

Sukhee” was scheduled to premiere on Netflix on November 17, 2023. To watch the movie, you should check the current Netflix catalog in your region. Availability can vary by country, and release dates are subject to change.

To find Sukhee movie on Netflix:

1.Open the Netflix app or go to the Netflix website.
2.Use the search bar and enter Sukhee.
3.If the movie is available, it should appear in the search result.

When was the movie released?

Sukhee had a theatrical release on September 22. However, it was also scheduled to premiere on Netflix on November 17, 2023.


In conclusion, the information provided in the simulated conversation highlighted the release and reception of the movie “Sukhee.” The film, featuring Shilpa Shetty Kundra and directed by Sonal Joshi, explores the coming-of-age journey of a housewife seeking to break free from societal expectations. While facing challenges at the box office, “Sukhee” received praise for its portrayal of female friendship and desire without explicit focus on sex.

The narrative captures Sukhee reflection on her past, emphasizing the struggles of middle-class housewives and the societal expectations placed upon them. The movie, after a lukewarm theatrical response, transitioned to an OTT release on Netflix.

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