Sam Bahadur Movie Reviews, Cast & Release Date 2023

Sam Bahadur Scheduled for release on December 01, 2023, Sam Bahadur unfolds the compelling narrative of India’s greatest soldier, Sam Manekshaw, portrayed by Vicky Kaushal. Set in 1933, Manekshaw, then a corporal in the British Indian Army stationed in Mussoorie, encounters Silloo (Sanya Malhotra). Their love blossoms into marriage. Sam’s meteoric rise in the Army is attributed to his valor and no-nonsense approach.

The plot intensifies during World War II, with Sam’s courageous stand against Japanese forces in Burma. Remarkably, he survives being shot seven times. Amidst the tumult of partition, despite an offer from the Pakistani Army, Sam insists on remaining loyal to the Indian Army.

Sam Bahadur Movie Storyline

Sam Bahadur focuses on the remarkable journey of Sam Manekshaw, India’s first Field Marshal. Clocking in at 148 minutes, the film boasts a screenplay crafted by the talented trio of Meghna Gulzar, Shantanu Shrivastava, and Bhavani Iyer.

This cinematic masterpiece narrates the saga of India’s war hero, Sam Manekshaw, who, undeterred by the enemy’s tactics, devoted himself to leading the Indian Army from the front lines during the pivotal 1971 conflict.

The story unfolds with simplicity and grace, highlighting Manekshaw’s unwavering dedication and resilience in the face of adversity. “Sam Bahadur” promises an engaging portrayal of a true Indian icon, showcasing his indomitable spirit and contributions to the nation. Get ready for a captivating journey through history on the big screen.

Sam Bahadur Movie Trailer

Sam Bahadur Movie – Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Review

Release Date 01 December 2023
Language Hindi,Parsee
Genre Biography, Drama, War
Duration 2h 30min
Cast Vicky Kaushal , Sanya Malhotra , Fatima Sana Shaikh , Neeraj Kabi , Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub Edward Sonnenblick Col Ravi Sharma Richard Bhakti Klein Paul O’neill Rohan Verma Eklavey Kashyap Keita Arai Naoya Ishida Rajiv Kachroo
Director Meghna Gulzar
Writer Meghna Gulzar, Bhavani IyerShantanu Srivastava
Producer Ronnie Screwvala, Ankita ChowfinPashan JalBantoo KhannaVicky MakhuAmit MehtaZahoor QadirMaharsh ShahPrafull SharmaRavi Tiwari
Production House RSVP
Budget est. ₹50.00 cr.

Where To Watch Sam Bahadur?

Sam Bahadur is gearing up for its release on the ZEE5 platform, bringing the much-anticipated film directly to audiences.

Sam Bahadur Movie OTT Release

Sam Bahadur will soon be on the popular Zee5 OTT platform, though the exact release date remains a mystery. Fans are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to catch the film on this streaming platform.

Sam Bahadur Movie Review

Sam Bahadur while recounting the saga of the legendary Indian Army figure Sam Manekshaw, carries a unique essence that distinguishes it within its genre. The narrative unveils previously undisclosed facets, spotlighting Sam Manekshaw’s close ties with General Yahya Khan from Pakistan. The film delves into the challenges he confronted, including attempts to brand him as anti-national by someone close, and captures his candid demeanor, playfully addressing Indira Gandhi as ‘Sweetie.’ Vicky Kaushal’s outstanding performance authentically breathes life into the character.

Despite its success in various aspects and overall engagement, the film exhibits a certain lack of cohesion. While watching, one can’t shake the feeling that numerous milestones from Sam Manekshaw’s illustrious career have been pieced together, resulting in a somewhat underwhelming outcome.

A notable drawback lies in the film’s failure to generate heightened tension and intrigue. Although Sam Bahadur presents moments ripe for dramatic intensity, the screenplay falls short in effectively incorporating them. Another shortcoming surfaces in the film’s treatment of its female characters. Sanya Malhotra, in the role of Sam’s wife, makes only fleeting appearances, contributing minimally to the plot

Sam Bahadur Movie Budget

The creation of “Sam Bahadur” has been accomplished within a budget of 55 crores, covering both production and advertisement expenses. This budget-friendly approach reflects a strategic allocation of resources, ensuring a cost-effective yet impactful production. The film’s financial prudence becomes evident in its ability to balance the demands of production quality and promotional efforts while staying within the defined financial parameters.

Sam Bahadur Box Office Collection

Sam Bahadur as it hits theaters today, December 1, 2023. Currently, advance ticket sales for the film across Indian cinemas have surged, reaching an impressive ₹3 to ₹5 Crores. The anticipation surrounding the movie’s release is translating into robust early ticket sales, indicating a strong initial reception from eager audiences.


Sam Bahadur stands out as a captivating tribute to a deserving figure, presenting a nuanced take on the patriotic biographical war drama genre. The film sets a high standard, especially due to Meghna Gulzar’s directorial prowess, offering a fresh perspective on handling such narratives.

It’s worth watching for Gulzar’s remarkable performance, which raises the bar for future filmmakers venturing into this genre or exploring similar subjects. Additionally, Vicky Kaushal’s portrayal adds another layer of brilliance, making the movie a compelling cinematic experience for audiences.

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