Night Swim Hollywood Movie Reviews, Cast & Release Date 2024

Night Swim the upcoming feature-length movie, is an expansion of the acclaimed 2014 short film by Rod Blackhurst and Bryce McGuire. This project has gained additional momentum with the collaboration of horror maestros James Wan and Jason Blum, renowned for their involvement in the successful 2023 horror hit, M3GAN.

The film is highly anticipated, given the pedigree of its creators and producers. James Wan is celebrated for his work on iconic horror franchises such as Saw and The Conjuring, while Jason Blum has a track record of producing hit horror films through his company, Blumhouse Productions.

When and Where Can You Watch Night Swim?

Night Swim, the highly anticipated horror film, is set to hit theaters earlier than originally planned. Initially scheduled for release on January 19, 2024, the film’s timeline has been accelerated, and it will now premiere on January 5, 2024. This adjustment positions Night Swim as the first theatrical release of the year, heightening the excitement surrounding its debut.

The movie’s exclusive theatrical release adds to its allure, allowing audiences to experience the suspense and terror on the big screen before it becomes available for streaming. Night Swim promises a cinematic journey into the realms of horror, and its early release date ensures that it will captivate audiences as a thrilling start to the cinematic year.

Following its theatrical run, Night Swim will find its way to the streaming platform Peacock. This move aligns with Universal’s strategy for recent horror titles, including the successful M3GAN and Renfield, which also made their mark on Peacock after their theatrical releases

Night Swim Movie Story Line

In the ominous depths of Night Swim, Ray Waller, a former major league baseball player, grapples with an early retirement forced upon him by a degenerative illness. As he navigates this challenging transition, Ray, accompanied by his concerned wife Eve, optimistic teenage daughter Izzy, and young son Elliot, embarks on a new chapter in a seemingly idyllic home.

Ray’s lingering aspirations to reclaim his place in professional baseball shape the family’s decision to move, with the shimmering backyard swimming pool emerging as a beacon of hope. Convinced that the pool will not only provide joy for his children but also serve as a form of physical therapy for himself, Ray skillfully persuades Eve to embrace this fresh start.

However, the Waller family is blissfully unaware that the seemingly tranquil pool harbors a dark secret from the home’s past. A malevolent force, carefully concealed beneath the water’s surface, is unleashed, threatening to engulf the family in a chilling whirlpool of inescapable terror.

As the narrative unfolds, the pool transforms from a symbol of recreation and recovery into a portal to an otherworldly nightmare. The family, initially seeking solace and rejuvenation, becomes entangled in a sinister force that defies the laws of the natural world. Ray’s dreams of returning to the baseball diamond are overshadowed by a far more insidious game—one played in the shadowy recesses of the supernatural.

Night Swim: Release Date, Trailer, Songs, Cast

Release Date 5 January 2024
Language English
Genre Horror, Thriller
Duration 1h 56min
Cast Kerry Condon, Wyatt Russell, Amélie Hoeferle, Nancy Lenehan, Ben Sinclair, Gavin Warren, Jodi Long, Ellie Araiza, Preston Galli, Elijah J. Roberts, Eddie Martinez
Director Bryce McGuire
Writer Bryce McGuire
Cinematography Charlie Sarroff
Producer Jason Blum, James Wan
Production Atomic Monster, Blumhouse Productions, Universal Pictures, Witchcraft Motion Picture Company

Night Swim Movie Trailer

Night Swim Movie Review

Night Swim unfolds with a mysterious entity haunting Eve’s swimming pool in the original short film, a chilling narrative element reminiscent of Jordan Peele’s “Us.” Clocking in at less than four minutes, the short leaves viewers in suspense by withholding any explanation about the nature of this haunting force. In a surprising twist, Eve discovers that the intruder is a disturbing carbon copy of herself, its ominous demeanor, sickly gray skin, and eerie silence intensifying the enigma.

Transitioning to the feature-length version, the synopsis reveals that the Waller family’s backyard pool, belonging to Eve’s relatives, is haunted by an unknown presence. This choice of words heightens anticipation, suggesting a paranormal or supernatural antagonist rather than a conventional physical threat. The film seems poised to explore the uncharted territories of the supernatural, keeping audiences on edge as they grapple with the unknown.

The decision to maintain ambiguity surrounding the entity aligns with horror traditions, fostering suspense and unease. Night Swim invites viewers to join the Waller family on a journey of discovery, blurring the lines between reality and the supernatural. As the family confronts this enigmatic force, the narrative promises to unravel the complexities of their identities and the haunting presence that seeks to plunge them into terror.


Night Swim promises a thrilling exploration of the supernatural, blending psychological horror with an enigmatic entity haunting a family’s backyard pool. Drawing inspiration from the suspenseful style of Jordan Peele’s Us the film keeps audiences on edge by withholding details about the haunting force, described simply as an unknown presence.

As the Waller family, led by Ray’s former baseball dreams and the belief in the pool’s therapeutic qualities, confronts this mysterious entity, Night Swim transcends conventional horror boundaries. Scheduled for an exclusive theatrical release on January 5, 2024, followed by streaming on Peacock, the film ensures both a cinematic and digital audience experience.

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