Napoleon Movie Reviews, Cast & Release Date 2023

Napoleon Movie In 2021, Ridley Scott showcased his directorial prowess with two consecutive films, The Last Duel and House of Gucci. Now, the acclaimed filmmaker is gearing up for another cinematic venture set to hit the big screen later this year. This upcoming project, titled Napoleon marks Scott’s inaugural collaboration with Apple Studios and promises to be a historical action epic centered around the iconic French conqueror, Napoleon Bonaparte.

While the announcement of Steven Spielberg working on an HBO limited series focused on Napoleon had previously made waves, Ridley Scott’s film is poised for an earlier release. Here’s a breakdown of what we currently know about Ridley Scott’s Napoleon.

Napoleon Movie Story Plot

Napoleon movie Ridley Scott’s latest historical epic, unfolds the gripping narrative of the once-humble Corsican who evolved into an all-powerful Emperor. The journey commences on the unassuming isle of Corsica, where Napoleon’s ascent to power takes root. From his early days as a French Army official participating in key battles during the Revolution, he surges to establish himself as a contender for the title of the world’s most powerful man.

Le Petit Caporal’s story is marked by a fascinating power struggle and an unwavering belief in his innate leadership. The film vividly captures his relentless climb to dominance, encompassing triumphs and bloodshed that culminate in the colonization of vast territories. Far from a smooth-sailing saga, the chronicle of Napoleon Bonaparte reflects a tumultuous path to greatness.

Central to this cinematic exploration is Napoleon’s passionate and tumultuous relationship with Joséphine de Beauharnais. The film aims to provide an in-depth portrayal of the thoughts, emotions, and motivations that drove one of history’s most notorious and villainous tyrants. Ridley Scott’s “Napoleon” promises to immerse audiences in the complexities of a legendary figure’s life, offering a captivating blend of history, power dynamics, and the personal struggles that defined an era.

Napoleon Movie Trailer

Napoleon: Release Date, Trailer, Songs, Cast

Release Date 22 November 2023
Language English
Dubbed In Hindi
Genre Action, Biography, Drama, History
Duration 3h 10min
Cast Joaquin Phoenix, Vanessa Kirby, Tahar Rahim, Ben Miles, Ludivine Sagnier, Matthew Needham, Youssef Kerkour, Phil Cornwell, Edouard Philipponnat, Ian McNeice, Paul Rhys, John Hollingworth, Gavin Spokes, Mark Bonnar
Director Ridley Scott
Writer David Scarpa
Cinematography Dariusz Wolski
Music Martin Phipps
Producer Ridley Scott, Mark Huffam, Kevin J. Walsh
Production Apple Studios, Scott Free Productions

Napoleon Movie OTT Release Date

Napoleon an Apple Original Film directed by Ridley Scott, is set for release on the Apple TV+ streaming platform. However, before its OTT release, the film will reportedly have a 45-day theatrical window, allowing audiences to experience the epic on the big screen.

In a noteworthy reunion, Ridley Scott collaborated with Oscar-winner Joaquin Phoenix for the Napoleon Bonaparte biopic. The veteran filmmaker likened their collaboration to a toboggan ride emphasizing the thrill and excitement of working together again after more than two decades

Napoleon Movie Review

In Ridley Scott’s cinematic cavalry charge of a movie, Napoleon movie he boldly navigates the historical terrain with a two-and-a-half-hour biopic that doesn’t get entangled in the complexities of facts or metaphysical ponderings—a tactical feat that has stymied other directors. Scott, the Wellington of cinema, delivers an outrageously enjoyable spectacle, eschewing the muddy grounds of historical intricacies.

Cheekily, Scott envisions Napoleon’s movie exploits, including firing on the pyramids during the Egyptian campaign and witnessing Marie Antoinette’s execution—yet conveniently sidesteps Napoleon’s reintroduction of slavery in French colonies. The film showcases Joaquin Phoenix in a deliciously insinuating portrayal of the doomed emperor, depicting him as a military genius and lounge lizard peacock, effortlessly commanding both on the battlefield and in social settings.

Notably, Scott and screenwriter David Scarpa tactfully omit certain historical aspects, presenting a Napoleon movie whose passions extend beyond military strategy. Joaquin Phoenix’s dynamic portrayal finds its counterpoint in Vanessa Kirby’s Josephine, creating a power couple reminiscent of Burton and Taylor in imperial France. Scott skillfully weaves this portrayal into a captivating narrative, making Napoleon a cinematic spectacle that balances historical intrigue with unabashed entertainment.

Napoleon Movie Budget

Napoleon comes with a hefty $200 million production budget, not unusual for a big historical epic, especially one focused on epic battles. Reviews praise the film, emphasizing its thrilling and ambitious war scenes. Collider’s Ross Bonaime notes Ridley Scott’s unprecedented scale, saying it’s something we haven’t quite seen from him before, justifying the film’s budget.

Even though $200 million is a significant amount, it doesn’t make Napoleon movie Ridley Scott’s most expensive film to date. This speaks to Scott’s history of taking on large-scale projects that push cinematic boundaries. With his track record for delivering visually stunning and engaging films, it suggests that the budget for Napoleon is a deliberate investment to ensure a grand and captivating portrayal of the legendary French conqueror.

What is the age rating of Napoleon movie?

Napoleon has received an R rating in the United States and a 15 rating in the United Kingdom. This classification is due to the inclusion of strong violence, sexual content, some language, and grisly images of war in the film. These ratings serve as a content advisory to guide viewers in assessing whether the movie aligns with their preferences and sensitivities regarding mature themes and intense scenes.

Napoleon Movie FAQs

When will ‘Napoleon’ movie release?

Napoleon’s theatrical debut is scheduled on November 22.

Which OTT platform will stream ‘Napoleon’ movie?

The OTT streaming service Apple TV+ will host the premiere of Napoleon, an Apple Original Film.


In conclusion, Napoleon is poised to make a cinematic impact with its release on November 22. The film, directed by Ridley Scott and featuring a formidable cast, promises a captivating exploration of the life of the iconic French conqueror. With its substantial production budget, thrilling battle scenes, and a blend of historical drama, the movie aims to deliver an epic experience for audiences.

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